The coaching methods of football have evolved rapidly over the past 20 years, but there has never been a "football language". Players have mostly "picked up" on how to kick a ball, with most coaching focussing on tactical game-based education, positioning, fitness and so on. To be better educated at an earlier age through a uniform language that targets specific kicking methods and concepts, will lead to a more complete player at a much younger age. 


Young players hopeful of a career in football, know that better kicking, biomechanics and intuition will improve their chances of playing their best. Young players and their parents need to be convinced that their coaches are up to date with the latest information on the sport.


Footballers and their parents want to trust their coach. SAITOH Certification gives everyone that trust ! (see MENU "Accreditation, Plans & Pricing")


Anyone can kick a ball - but how do you express that ?  How do coaches describe the subtle variations regarding a player's contact with the ball to fine-tune a better outcome ? A uniform language gives the player the advantage, the edge.  Further conversations using the language can then take place. The language and its intrinsic technique will become intuitive giving the individual the opportunity to play at the highest level.  It’s about conditioning the brain to convert communication into action so as to achieve the desired outcome -  instead of just hoping.



How do you get this knowledge to help players prepare to play their best football? Through SAITOH Certification.


Players & Coaches seeking to take their skills to another level will benefit greatly from SAITOH Certification.


Football Coaches - from Mum & Dad coaches to Professionals

SAITOH Certification gives all levels of coaches a deep understanding of how using a uniform language across all players will create a nurturing environment where everybody speaks the same language. 


SAITOH Certified Coaches can quickly immerse young players into this new language and draw on its power to develop best kicking practises. Using the language allows coaches to fine-tune flaws with instant ease.  When reviewing game footage, coaches and players can discuss, using the saitoh language, the finer points of kicking technique, identifying pros and cons and thus improving a player's understanding and future ability. This leads to training a player's mindset to the system's biomechanics to improve on any limitations.


Junior Coaches

SAITOH Certification gives coaches who strive to develop tomorrow’s top footballers the ability to implement a cutting-edge education component for football. SAITOH has developed a uniform football language that is fun for kids, easy to understand and appropriately designed to develop the skills and passion for the game of football.