A new "language" that instantly describes how and where to make contact between the optimum point of the boot and the optimum point of the ball, to achieve the desired outcome.


The SAITOH system addresses a number of issues in the game. The system is a means of uniform communication, for not only coaches and players, but also commentators and spectators. Until now, there has never been a uniform "language" of telling or coaching a player how specifically to strike a ball in the myriad of situations. Similarly, even the best commentators in the world have only speculated as to how and why the player a) "fluffed it" or, b) "hit it perfectly".


Now, by learning and utilising this simple alpha/numeric system and adopting its intrinsic technique, players can become intuitive in knowing which part of the ball needs to be struck, by which part of the boot to achieve the desired outcome. 


Commentators will have the same knowledge, a knowledge that will quickly become commonplace amongst football fans and give everybody the ability to comment on why a kick/shot was good or not-so-good.